Planter Monitors, GPS navigation, Ag sensors, Automation... the list of projects Macon Apps has been involved with goes on.

Essentially if hardware needs to be combined with software to make a process more efficient in your business you need to contact Macon Apps for a quote now! The longer you wait to automate your tasks the more money you are wasting.

Services starting at $50/hr.

Frequently requested services include:

Web Development, React, NodeJS, Ionic, Android, iOS, Apple TV, kiosk devices, GPS devices. Rapid deployments.

Other common services we provide: AWS setup, Local and Cloud based Virtualization, network auditing, agile & devops coaching.

Getting started is easy. Email Josh at [email protected] Let him know what you are trying to get accomplished and we will get you a free quote.

Some recent projects include:

Recently developed the UI for these bell controllers all over the country:

Recently developed the full stack and apps for (click the watch button to see apps).

Church sites:

Legal Defined Network:

Planter Monitors & GPS systems: